Braid Out to Bun Fun Ft. The Denman Edge Tamer

The sun’s finally out, your coconut oils melted so that can only mean one thing, it’s time to perfect those up do’s. It’s no secret that buns are my favourite go-to style all year around, but during the summer months, they’re essential. There’s nothing worse than having your hair sticking to you in the summer heat. So keep reading to see how I go from braid-out to slick bun using the new Denman Edge Tamer.

If I’m not enjoying my monthly heat pass and wearing my hair straight then my go to style is 2 cornrows. They’re perfect for the gym and I can quickly loose them out and rock a textured bun, which is exactly what I’ll be doing!

Quick tip: Use the LCO method before braiding for more defined curls!

Now, I’m sure those of your on your hair journey are no strangers to the classic Denman brush; perfect for detangling and defining your curls. I was kindly sent the Denman Edge Tamer to try and it’s definitely one to add to your collection. I’ve had my trusty soft brush for almost 10 years, so It was about time I experimented with something new!

I start by finger combing my hair to keep some of the texture of the braid-out, into a high bun and loosely tying it. I add a little bit of aloe vera gel on my edges and use the Edge Tamer to brush my hair into place.

Finally, I tie a satin scarf around the front to keep those edges laid! And there you have it, the perfect summer up-do!

HHJ Rating: 9/10

The Denman Edge Tamer is perfect for taming your flyaways and laying your edges and of course styling slick buns. The soft bristles are delicate on your edges but definitely do the job in keeping every hair in place. It worked well for me in the last few weeks of my 19-week relaxer stretch and more recently on my freshly relaxed hair.

I would give the Edge Tamer top marks, however, my trusty soft brush has been with me through thick and thin (I even welled up once when I thought I’d lost it) but this would be a firm 2nd choice and is the perfect size to pop in your bag, so it’ll be with me during summer for any touch-ups throughout the day!

Luckily for you guys, you can grab 20% off the Denman Edge Tamer using my code “HHJ2017” until 9th July over at!

~Healthy Hair Junkie~

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