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Healthy Hair Junkie Hot Head Review

The Hot Head is a deep conditioning cap which enhances the process by adding heat. I’ve been using mine for about 7 months, so keep reading to see why the Hot Head is now a staple in my wash day routine.

The Hot Head uses heat-producing flaxseed in a cap to give you a “salon quality” deep conditioning experience from the comfort of your own home.

It comes with clear heating instructions and will stay hot for around 30 minutes without needing to be reheated. If you’re like me and end up deep conditioning for the whole day you can reheat it in the microwave for an additional 45 seconds at a time.

Here’s how I use mine:


I pre-poo & shampoo my hair, apply my deep conditioner & cover with a plastic cap


Hot Head time!

I heat my Hot Head for 45 seconds, shake it, turn it inside out & repeat 3 times


I cover my entire head with my Hot Head, making sure my hair & hairline are completely tucked away


This is the perfect time for a nap, to clean the house or get in a little home workout while the Hot Head works its magic!


Remove the Hot Head & rinse out the conditioner with cold water & style


The Hot Head gets 5 stars from me. Adding heat during this important step helps increase the absorption rate of the conditioner and whilst steamers can be expensive, the Hot Head is an affordable way to intensify your deep conditioning experience. I love that you’re not restricted to one spot with the Hot Head as you would be with a steamer. Before using the Hot Head I was only using a plastic cap so I really feel like I’ve taken deep conditioning to a new level. I’d definitely recommend you add it to your collection!

I purchased mine from My Luxe Beauty for £27.99.

~Healthy Hair Junkie~


  • Wilda

    3rd October 2016 at 12:22 pm

    Thanks to you I discovered Myluxebeauty and Hot head ! I purchased mine and now its a must-have for my wash day routine!
    I am not disappointed

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